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Steganography Matlab Code

Posted by Hemprasad Y. Badgujar on March 4, 2013

  1. detect_data_power.m Detects if the given image has data hidden in it with the zeros hiding method
  2. hidden_zeros_read.m Reads data hidden by zeros hiding method from an image
  3. image_hist.m Creates histogram of DCT coefficients
  4. image_stat.m Determines the threshold value for zero hiding detection
  5. invimageproc.m Takes tiled matrix and converts to image matrix
  6. jvector.m Traverses 8×8 block using the zig-zag pattern
  7. mat2DCEB.m Compresses image and returns tiled matrix
  8. readdata.m Reads in binary data from a file
  9. secread.m Reads in data hidden by bit-o-steg from an image
  10. signed_mat2DCEB.m Modified compressor used in zeros hiding
  11. std_stegcompress.m Groups zeros together and saves image
  12. stegcompress.m Takes a compressed image and hides data in it using bit-o-steg
  13. writedata.m Writes binary data to a file 
  14. matlab code for hiding a message image in a cover image using a simple LSB algorithm
  15. matlab code for simple histogram of image
  16. another version of a histogram
  17. Demo of the FFT on an image
  18. matlab code for computing the discrete cosine transform of an image
  19. a matlab m-file that contains snippets of code that may be useful
  20. a matlab m-file that converts an RGB file to a YCbCr format
  21. code to calculate the DCT and display using log function
  22. m-file that calculates p-value for probability of embedding 


1. Steganography.rar – image-based data extraction and steganalysis Matlab code (9KB,downloads 319, by bothwell)
2. – steganography tools to hide a text file in a n image in true color. (168KB,downloads 161, by bothwell)
3. – This programe hides secret data inside a carrier file using LSB technique. This is example of Steg (41KB,downloads 111, by Anjali)
4. kuopin2.rar – Spread-spectrum steganography algorithm, in the hope that students learn information hiding help (1334KB,downloads 130, by 李春雷)
5. PROGRAM.rar – This method is based upon the image hiding technic into another image using LSB algorithm called as (322KB,downloads 142, by R.P.Singh)
6. – this source code based on steganography and developed in matlab. in steganography we can hide any da (29KB,downloads 92, by manisha)
7. – this source code based on steganography and developed in matlab. in steganography we can hide any da (134KB,downloads 112, by manisha)
8. – steganography program (246KB,downloads 77, by G.vijayalakshmy)
9. – steganography method of sending message by the process of information hiding (862KB,downloads 58, by Jami)
10. main.rar – Based on gray-scale image processing of LSB Steganography algorithm, matlab Programming (10KB,downloads 96, by 马彦)
11. – A JPEG graphic image processing embedded steganography tools (369KB,downloads 166, by jiao)
12. DMIS_Ch3_InfoHiding.rar – Information hiding based on digital media including images, text and audio, video and other forms, a (362KB,downloads 162, by Yummy)
13. Digital.Watermarking.and.Steganography.rar – A good book in watermarking & steganography (5361KB,downloads 53, by ahm qotp)
14. Digital.rar – Digital Steganography Steganography technology and F5 s Matlab source code (1KB,downloads 254, by 柳絮)
15. – steganography in compressed images(jpeg),dc coeffs not touched (190KB,downloads 67, by xj)
16. hidetc.rar – steganography tool for hiding data in image using LSB hiding technique (2KB,downloads 120, by malli)
17. LSB.rar – Transform based on multi-LSB steganography algorithm, cutting and hidden pictures or video! (2420KB,downloads 72, by 地瓜)
18. Steganography.rar – it is a good steganography tool for image steganography (642KB,downloads 59, by yh)
19. attackjsteg.rar – Anti-jsteg of steganalysis, jsteg jpeg image steganography one of the important ways. (3825KB,downloads 140, by 包志强)
20. AudEncgui.rar – steganography audiosteg (2KB,downloads 19, by sri)
21. – this source code based on steganography and developed in matlab. in steganography we can hide any da (29KB,downloads 47, by manisha)
22. Steganography.rar – steganography means we have to hide the information in the image for using encryption and decryption (42KB,downloads 63, by saravana)
23. steg1.rar – this program steganographs an image into another image. however the host and the specimen are image (504KB,downloads 30, by Abhishek Sharma)
24. ste.rar – about steganography, to transmit the secret message in pear to pear communication (213KB,downloads 13, by jaraline)
25. – this source code based on steganography and developed in matlab. in steganography we can hide any da (38KB,downloads 46, by manisha)
26. LSBEmbeding.rar – Information Hiding for digital steganography of the commonly used algorithms: LSB replacement of LSB (6280KB,downloads 178, by 壹号通缉犯)
27. lsb.rar – steganography based on lsb substitution in spacial domain (1413KB,downloads 45, by Nidhin)
28. PVD-stego.rar – matlab implementation PVD PVD method and the method based on mode function, write, and images of the (3KB,downloads 80, by 李军)
29. – lsb steganography hide in image (107KB,downloads 36, by coder)
30. – lsb-steganography (231KB,downloads 70, by xukaiping)
31. mbsteg_1.1.rar – Model-based method of digital steganography, the process requires the JPEG toolbox in the MATLAB run (69KB,downloads 36, by zoe)
32. jpeg_stego.rar – steganography in jpeg image (1313KB,downloads 43, by Nidhin)
33. – text hide in an another image using LSB steganography. (4KB,downloads 26, by summon)
34. TechniquesforDataHiding.rar – Data hiding,a form of steganography,embeds data into digital media for the purpose of identificati (371KB,downloads 23, by 丫丫)
35. ImageSteg.rar – image steganography in images image steg (2KB,downloads 36, by sri)
36. – This is a generic MP3 audio file steganography software. WAV compressed in the MP3 conversion proces (1182KB,downloads 59, by zhanglih)
37. JPEGJsteg.rar – Jsteg_Mu JPEG images can be batch Jsteg on steganography. Jpeg_Or jpeg steganography for the origina (61KB,downloads 162, by liuq)
38. stegdetect-0.5.tar.gz – Can outguess/F5/Jsteg such as steganography detection software source statistics (1248KB,downloads 86, by zhanglih)
39. RS.rar – Information hiding in LSB Steganography Scheme RS analysis, with detailed notes. (1KB,downloads 126, by lu li)
40. – Wave steganography routines (6KB,downloads 16, by Alexander Myasnikov)
41. six.rar.rar – Six codes are used for watermark Steganography wavelet transform, discrete cosine transform used in (5KB,downloads 50, by 张楠)
42. imagehide.rar – Digital steganography technology, a good digital watermarking algorithm used. Using VC++ programming (1960KB,downloads 38, by 王凌晓)
43. – JPEG digital images Steganography methods (238KB,downloads 47, by bichaozhi)
44. steganografie.rar – two programs that demonstrates practical use of steganography in C# (169KB,downloads 11, by sasa)
45. texto.tar.gz – TEXT- Text Steganography Steganography program which transforms uuencoded or pgp ascii-armored ascii (12KB,downloads 12, by 杨琴)
46. – The project title is modulo based lsb steganography. normal lsb steganography can be breaked by the (1062KB,downloads 43, by jegaesh)
47. 0602042.rar – New security and control protocol for VoIP based on steganography and digital watermarki Vi (ip tele (109KB,downloads 13, by )
48. matlabcodeechohiding.rar – this is the sample of matlab coding for echo hiding data audio steganography… use your own input (9KB,downloads 62, by shahmin)
49. F5algorithm.rar – Steganography Program in CSharp (269KB,downloads 6, by KIRGIZ MANAS)
50. outguess.rar – Information Hiding Outguess source software is mainly used Outguess JPEG image steganography, this s (575KB,downloads 295, by 刘光杰)
51. psnr.rar – Calculation of peak signal to noise ratio, images can be used to check the effect of Steganography (1KB,downloads 38, by leiyu)
52. lsb_crypt.rar – steganography based on lsb substitution along with encryption (1806KB,downloads 48, by Nidhin)
53. – Jpeg Steganography Please read your package and describe it at least 40 bytes. System will automat (43KB,downloads 6, by ndik)
54. AudDecgui.rar – steganography audio decoding gui (2KB,downloads 22, by sri)
55. – A method used for JPEG graphic image steganography tools (1250KB,downloads 37, by jiao)
56. stegoMagic.ZIP – steganography, embedding secret data in an image (783KB,downloads 8, by Delina Beh)
57. WatermarkingofImagesandVideo.rar – Very thorough discussion of Data Hiding/Steganography/Watermarking of video with DCT (4136KB,downloads 31, by SimonS65)
58. – vedio->steganography understanding (532KB,downloads 14, by mega)
59. UnderMP3Cover-1.1.tar.gz – UnderMP3Cover is a mp3 steganography tool. It will allow you to write and read hidden messages withi (96KB,downloads 17, by living)
60. TrueCrypt-6.0a-Source.tar.gz – Free open-source disk encryption software for Windows Vista/XP, Mac OS X, and LinuxMain Features:* C (1647KB,downloads 86, by yangmuxiang)
61. basedBziercurvesofabandofInformationHidin – based Bzier curves of a band of Steganography (99KB,downloads 56, by 阳光)
62. Markov.rar – outguess steganography source code for additional confidential information for the image (23KB,downloads 67, by zheng ziwei)
63. F5Hash.rar – F5 steganography algorithm, F5 algorithm, a JPG image for steganalysis algorithm (483KB,downloads 163, by Fbw)
64. – document encryption and decryption achieve (73KB,downloads 18, by 赵利)
65. – Written by foreigners steganography software very good source of generation, a good course (192KB,downloads 22, by lalalala)
66. LSB.rar – Steganography by LSB Matching method with embedding rate equal to “alpha” ! (193KB,downloads 22, by Hamid agha)
67. lsb_2bit.rar – Steganography LSB by 2 bits method Find and hide information in a image (1KB,downloads 27, by zahedpoor)
68. Works.rar – Some thoughts about steganography (166KB,downloads 11, by Andrzej88)
69. f_HVS_DWT_EmbedN.rar – DWT domain based on digital watermarking technology, subband coding steganography program (2KB,downloads 33, by qingqing)
70. Imagesteganography.rar – Low Image Steganography Based on the algorithm, the information hidden transfer (176KB,downloads 25, by 杜平)
71. steganographyAndDigitalWatermarkingTechniquesForP – steganography And Digital Watermarking Techniques ForPr. (3284KB,downloads 2, by anh)
72. Archive.rar – 5this describes about steganography (3440KB,downloads 3, by rosalin malar )
73. sunsteganography.rar – steganography code with applets (4KB,downloads 5, by projects54321)
74. project.rar – This paper presents a steganography method based on an embedded zerotree wavelet compression scheme (338KB,downloads 11, by mat7755)
75. – Graphic steganography routines (6KB,downloads 3, by Alexander Myasnikov)
76. – This is a Steganography software. It hides a data within a picture using LSB encoding. It can then u (697KB,downloads 16, by Rahul)
77. – stereography for hiding txt files………………. (1082KB,downloads 3, by nidhish31588)
78. Mp3Stego.rar – mp3 decoder source code (1530KB,downloads 21, by zhengKevin)
79. LSB_hide.rar – This is a steganography program using least significant bis to hide image in other image program (1KB,downloads 18, by soshelp)
80. Waterm_algo.rar – steganography using matlab…all mfile and samples images attached (1706KB,downloads 9, by magesh)
81. – Embed data to text- steganography (10KB,downloads 5, by l锚 m岷h t瓢峄焠g)
82. STEGANOGRAPHY.rar – stenography a dip technique good one (8478KB,downloads 35, by krishna kanth)
83. steganography.rar – this java Stegnogrphy project (1744KB,downloads 22, by Maruti)
84. – audio steganography file to encrypt text in audio file audio steganography file to encrypt text in (496KB,downloads 15, by mam)
85. – Text steganography routines (5KB,downloads 14, by Alexander Myasnikov)
86. chengxu.rar – JPEG-based image steganography techniques, is a MATLAB program, we can give it a try, I think we can (1KB,downloads 31, by 陈玉超)
87. upload.rar – Contain Matlab files in digital steganography (5KB,downloads 23, by Allen Joseph R)
88. – this is steganography for audio, hidding your text in audio.wav (421KB,downloads 40, by priyo)
89. – steganography dotnet coding (19KB,downloads 8, by b)
90. – this source code based on steganography and developed in matlab. in steganography we can hide any da (30KB,downloads 20, by manisha)
91. mbsteg_1.2.rar – Model Based Steganography Source code by Matlab (149KB,downloads 71, by Zahra)
92. – Program converts image file (square shape, maximum 120×120 pixels) into music file (*.wav, noise). Y (8918KB,downloads 19, by cuijianzhu)
93. yanxie11.rar – The code is used fractal texture analysis techniques to conduct and chaotic sequence to achieve Steg (1KB,downloads 26, by 罗红)
94. – Embedded in the speech signal through robust watermarking and fragile watermarking, copyright protec (1KB,downloads 10, by pinbo)
95. – Steganography using BMP as cover image (3KB,downloads 5, by Delina Beh)
96. write_read.rar – The write and read in steganography. (2KB,downloads 10, by caioafc)
97. embed8bit.rar – a steganography algorithm for embeding (1KB,downloads 9, by hr)
98. 81404614outguess.rar – Information Hiding software Outguess source Outguess used JPEg image steganography (574KB,downloads 30, by 盖瑞洋)
99. – In this project, the message is encoded with audio file for the secure transfer. (4KB,downloads 8, by numatecs)
100. lertexto.rar – SteganoRead to read files in steganography. (1KB,downloads 4, by caioafc)

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