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30+ Tools for Synching Files and Folders

Posted by Hemprasad Y. Badgujar on March 17, 2015

Open Source Software


rsync – For those who know how to use the command line, rsync is a fast incremental file transfer utility. Requires manual configuration to setup correctly.

Unison – Developed by the University of Pennslyvania, Unison is similar to rsync and has been around for a while. It works on a variety of platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and Solaris.

– Mainly a SFTP and FTP transfer client for Windows, however, it also has the ability for directory synchronization in semi and fully automatic ways.
PowerFolder – Easier to use for those that are not technically inclined. Securely sync, share, backup and transfer files.

Directory Synchronize (DirSync) – Very light-weight utility packed with lots of options for file and folder synchronization. Synchronize from PC to USB stick to PDA, etc.

– Developed by Novell in 2001, iFolder is a cross-platform file synching application. Can synchronize one folder to multiple computers with different operating systems.

JFileSync – Used to sync files between two directories, either on one computer, between two computers, or between a computer and another storage device.

FullSync – A universal file synchronization and backup utility that is highly customizable and expandable.

OpenSync – Used to sync PIM data such as contacts, calendar, tasks, and notes between a personal computer and mobile device.

Conduit – If you’re using GNOME, Conduit is an open source app to synchronize files, photos, emails, contacts, etc to another computer or device.

Freeware Apps


SyncEXPERT – Extremely easy to use Windows tool to synchronize data between desktop computers, laptops, USB drives, and any other Microsoft storage device.

Allway Sync – Free file and folder synchronization program with a multi-lingual interface and support for true folder synchronization.

SyncBack – Older version is free and has basic file backup and synchronization tools. Easy to use and supports encryption and compression.

BestSync – Synchronize files to network drives, FTP servers, USB drives, and many other features.

SyncMate – Synchronize your Mac with a Pocket PC using SyncMate Free edition. Will sync text messages, documents, contacts, calendar entries, etc.

FolderShare – Microsoft’s free file synchronization tool that works on Windows XP and later and Mac OS X. Files cannot exceed 2 GB and a library cannot have more than 10,000 files.

SyncToy – Using the .NET framework, Synctoy is a simple to use Powertoy for synchronizing files and folders.

Windows Mobile Device Center – Replacing ActiveSync, it is the new program to synchronize Windows CE based devices with the Windows operating system.

– Free version allows you to sync one directory between two computers, not including sub-directories.

ViceVersa – Supports 3 file comparison methods, multiple synchronization methods, and manual copy and delete for manual file sync.

Commercial Software


Robocopy – Part of Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008, Robocopy is copy and xcopy on steriods. It has a mirror mode which keeps folders in sync, adding and deleting files.

Synchronize It! 3 – Compare folders, unattended backup/sync, reporting and printing features also.

Synchromagic – One-way or bi-directional synchronization of files and folders with many useful options.

GoodSync – Listed under commercial because free version only lasts 30 days. Works with any file system, unlimited number of files can be synced, customizable interface, and more.

SugarSync – Sync between your PC, Mac, and mobile device easily with remote access to your files from the Web or phone.

Bamboo File Sync – Automated file backup and syncing with support for a large array of devices, including SD cards, HTPCs, MP3 players, NAS devices, and more.

– Provides reliable and flexible file synchronization and replication between PCs or servers.

Super Flexible File Synchronizer – Back up your data and synchronize PCs, Macs, servers, notebooks, and online storage space, including Amazon S3.

SyncTogether – Synchronization utility for Mac users to sync contacts, bookmarks, calendars and other important data between Macs.

iMobile – A corporate solution to keep data, files and software synced between mobile employees and company servers.

beinsync – Syncs files between computers, share files quickly, access files from a Web browser, and backup files online.

ViceVersa Pro
– Much more advanced than the free version with multiple sync methods, no limits on data size, etc.

Beta Software


Dropbox – Still in private beta, but written about around the Web in a very positive light. No one knows if it’s going to be free or not, but it’s supposedly very fast, easy to use, accessible via the Web, and can be used for collaboration.

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