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OpenCV on CUDA Performance Comparison

Posted by Hemprasad Y. Badgujar on July 17, 2015

Performance Table

For where i work, i had to test a lot of different GPU’s with come OpenCV GPU CUDA C++ functions, the GPU’s will end up in some rackservers. Anyhow, i tested some functions. You can press the figure to get a link to the performance table that is hosted with Google Docs.

Models tested

Computing Model Cuda V. Cores Frequency [MHz] Speedup (avg.)
Intel i2600K ~ 4 3400 1
Intel Xeon E5620 ~ 4 2400 0.68x
NVIDIA GTX 560 ASUS 2.1 336 810 22.4x
NVIDIA GTX 570 EVGA 2.1 480 810 31.9x
NVIDIA GTX 670 EVGA 3.0 1344 950 34.96x
NVIDIA GTX 680 EVGA 3.0 1536 1058 34.90x

*I used Ubuntu 12.04, CUDA 4.2, Opencv 2.4 C++ (latest svn snapshot), NVIDIA 295.51 driver.

Functions tested

matchTemplate, minMaxLoc, remap, dft, cornerHarris, integral, norm, meanShift, BruteForceMatcher, magnitude, add, log, mulSpectrums, resize, cvtColor, erode, threshold, pow, projectPoints, solvePnPRansac, GaussianBlur, filter2D, pyrDown, pyrUp, equializeHist, reduce.

Graphs Per Function

Test Setup


In terms of value for money, the GTX 670 (€400) with 2Gb of RAM is very nice. There is absolutely no reason to buy the GTX 680 since it costs € 100 more. Then again, the GTX 570 costs €300, which is nice, but only has 1,25Gb RAM, which can be dangerous when working with large images (nasty errors).
It is clear that GPU computation is BLOODY fast. But i HAVE to note, that only a SINGLE core of the CPU’s were used for the normal CPU functions. These algo’s have not really been optimized for multithreaded if I’m not mistaken. On the other hand, speed increases of >20x is too much for any intel CPU to catch up with. GPU Computing is a must if fast image processing is important.

GPU + GPU = Multi GPU

Multi GPU? Yes! Using 2xGTX670’s, you can use 2688 CORES. That means that if you don’t keep your GPU’s on a leash it might become self aware. You have been warned.
Oh yes, MULTI GPU! OpenCV only natively supports 1 GPU per function, but ofcourse you can use more if you want. OpenCV themselves suggest Intel’s TBB (thread building blocks) for some reason. OpenCV once started with OpenMP (open source parallel/multithread processing), but do not support that any more. Luckily, If you know your way around OpenMP, it is quite easy to implement.
You can use more GPU’s in OpenCV, there are some functions wich you can use with it. I tend to use OpenMP, make a simple parallel loop with some conditions, and within the thread just use the “gpu::setDevice” C++ function to set which device to use within that thread. For example, when you have two GPU’s, it is a good idea to let OpenMP set “num_threads(2)”, so each GPU has got its own thread, and with the setDevice function, you just use ‘gpu::setDevice(omp_get_thread)’ for example. I got a speed increase of 40~80% using 2 GPU’s, see the nice setup i had in my desktop where i tried it. It will eventually end up in the rackserver, purely for GPU computation, for which they are ideal.

Code for Multi-GPU in OpenCV with OpenMP

  1. bool useMGPU=true;
  2. bool useMP=true;
  3. int numGPUs=gpu::getCudaEnabledDeviceCount();
  4. omp_set_nested(1); //Turn on nested MP (to use parallel loops in your loop)
  5. #pragma omp parallel if (useMP) num_threads(2)
  6. {
  7. #pragma omp for
  8. for (int i=0;i<10;i++){
  9.    //If Multiple GPU support is on, assign based on threadnr
  10.    int threadID = omp_get_thread_num();
  11.    if (useMGPU && numGPUs>1){
  12.        cout << "Setting GPU#" << threadID << " for i#" << i << endl;
  13.        gpu::setDevice(threadID);
  14.    }
  15.    //Your GPU code here. The device has been set
  17.    //..
  19.    //Test to see if the GPU has been properly set throughout the loop (device should be == threadID)
  20.    if (useMGPU){
  21.        cout << " Had set GPU#" << gpu::getDevice() << " with tID#" << threadID << " (i#" << i << ")" << endl;
  22.    }
  23. }
  24. }

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