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Architectures of Mobile Cloud Computing

Posted by Hemprasad Y. Badgujar on August 30, 2014

“Mobile Cloud Computing at its simplest, refers to an infrastructure where both the data storage and the data processing happen outside of the mobile device. Mobile cloud applications move the computing power and data storage away from mobile phones and into the cloud, bringing applications and mobile computing to not just smartphone users but a much broader range of mobile subscribers”.

From the concept of MCC, the general architecture of MCC can be shown in Fig.  In Fig. , mobile devices are connected to the mobile networks via base stations (e.g., base transceiver station (BTS), access point, or satellite) that establish and control the connections (air links) and functional interfaces between the networks and mobile devices. Mobile users’ requests and information (e.g., ID and location) are transmitted to the central processors that are connected to servers providing mobile network services. Here, mobile network operators can provide services to mobile users as AAA (for authentication, authorization, and accounting) based on the home agent (HA) and subscribers’ data stored in databases. After that, the subscribers’ requests are delivered to a cloud through the Internet. In the cloud, cloud controllers
process the requests to provide mobile users with the corresponding cloud services. These services are Accepted in Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing -developed with the concepts of utility computing, virtualization, and service-oriented architecture (e.g.,web, application, and database servers).

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Step by Step Instructions for Installing Google Drive

Posted by Hemprasad Y. Badgujar on February 6, 2013

Installing Google Drive :

Step 1 : Go to Google Drive Page and Sign In with your Google Account Details and you will get a page with a button asks us to Go to Google Drive (which is same as below).

Step by Step Instructions for Installing Google Drive

Step 2 : Click on Go to Google Drive and an another page appears which asks us to Try Google Drive (which is same as below).

Step by Step Instructions for Installing Google Drive

Step 3 : Click on Try Google Drive then it asks to Install Google for PC (which is same as below).

Instructions for Installing Google Drive

Step 4 : Click on the Button Install Google Drive for PC then it asks to accpet and Install Google (which is same as below).

Instructions for Installing Google Drive

Step 5 : A file will be downloaded to your system and Just Install the File and after Installing a dialogue box appears which asks to sign with your gmail account (It will appear same as the Below Image).

Sign In to Google Drive

Step 6 : Sign In with your Google account Details and a dialogue box appears that Getting Started With Google Drive.

Getting Started with Google Drive

Step 6 : Click Next to get the Second step of Getting Started With Google Drive. If you files in your Google Docs it will asks to sync all to your Google Drive or Else just ask to Click on Finish.

Finish Installing Google Drive

Step 7 : Click Sync or Finish which is asked and the Google Drive Folder will automatically added in our Hard disk and a Shortcut icon on Desktop.

Step 8 : Now you can add your Files by Just Drag and Drop to your Google Drive Folder which is Placed on Desktop and it will automatically sync on to Google Cloud server. Now no need to attach the files in Gmail just share the link of a File which is added to Google Drive.

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