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build Tesseract 3.03 with Visual Studio 2013

Posted by Hemprasad Y. Badgujar on March 17, 2015

Compiling Tesseract 3.02.02 with Visual C++ 2008 (Express) is covered by the documentation whereas compiling Tesseract 3.03 isn’t covered at all, though.

Unfortunately newer versions of Tesseract also require a new version of Leptonica, a C library for image processing and image analysis applications, which in turn requires new versions of zlib, libpng, libtiff, libjpeg and giflib. Tesseract provides pre-compiled versions of Leptonica, which prevents you from having to collect and set up projects for all of these libraries in Visual Studio, which can be a tedious task.

Yesterday I found a project on GitHub that includes a Visual Studio solution file for all dependencies required to compile Tesseract 3.03: charlesw/tesseract-vs2012. While following the build instructions there, I stumpled over several build errors, which I could easily resolve by removing a definition. The necessary change is in my fork of the repository mentioned above.

This is a write-up of all steps that are required to compile Tesseract 3.03 with Visual Studio 2013.


  1. Install Git.
  2. Install SVN. There are many versions of SVN. You can, for example, install the binary package from SlickSVN for free.
  3. Install Visual Studio 2013 for Windows Desktop (the Express version will be enough). You don’t need the optional features except for “Microsoft Foundation Classes for C++”.

Building the dependencies

  1. Create a directory where you want to compile Tesseract. In this document, I’ll assume it’s C:\Tesseract-Build\.
  2. Open a CMD prompt and change to that directory.
    cd \Tesseract-Build\
  3. Clone the dependencies repository from GitHub.
    git clone
  4. Open the “VS 2013 Developer Command Prompt”. (It can be found in the Start Menu.)
  5. Change to the newly cloned repository.
    cd \Tesseract-Build\tesseract-vs2012
  6. Build the dependencies
    msbuild build.proj
  7. You can close the “VS 2013 Developer Command Prompt”.

Building Tesseract

  1. Re-open the first command prompt and ensure it’s still in C:\Tesseract-Build\.
  2. Get the latest source from SVN.
    svn checkout
  3. Change to the newly checked-out repository.
    cd tesseract-ocr
  4. Apply the patch provided in tesseract-vs2013.
    svn patch ..\tesseract-vs2012\vs2013+64bit_support.patch
  5. Copy both directories in C:\Tesseract-Build\tesseract-vs2012\release\ toC:\Tesseract-Build\. Now you should have
    • C:\Tesseract-Build\include\
    • C:\Tesseract-Build\lib\
  6. Open C:\Tesseract-Build\tesseract-ocr\vs2013\tesseract.sln with Visual Studio 2013.
  7. Press F7 on your keyboard. Both libtesseract303 and tesseract should compile without errors.

The Visual Studio solution file contains configurations for dynamic and static compilation as well as debugging and release configurations for both 32-Bit and 64-Bit. Select whichever configuration you need and recompile with F7.

You can find the compiled binaries in C:\Tesseract-Build\tesseract-ocr\vs2013\bin\.

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Building Static zlib v1.2.7 with MSVC 2012

Posted by Hemprasad Y. Badgujar on January 22, 2015

This post will explain how to obtain and build the zlib C programming library from source, using MS Visual Studio 2012 on Windows 7. The result will be a static release version that you can use in your C/C++ projects for data compression, or as a dependency for other libraries.


The Environment

  1. Decompress anduntar the library with7zip and you’ll end up with a directory path similar to this:


  1. Modify “libs\zlib-1.2.7\contrib\masmx86\bld_ml32.bat,” adding “/safeseh” to the following two lines.

    ml /coff /Zi /c /Flmatch686.lst match686.asm
    ml /coff /Zi /c /Flinffas32.lst inffas32.asm


    ml /safeseh /coff /Zi /c /Flmatch686.lst match686.asm
    ml /safeseh /coff /Zi /c /Flinffas32.lst inffas32.asm
  2. Open the solution file that came with the package, “libs\zlib-1.2.7\contrib\vstudio\vc10\zlibvc.sln,” and upgrade the solution file if necessary to MSVC 2012.
  3. Change to “Release” configuration.
  4. Remove “ZLIB_WINAPI;” from the “zlibstat” project’s property page: “Configuration Properties → C/C++ → Preprocessor → Preprocessor Definitions
  5. Build the solution.
  6. The new static library fileis created in a newsubfolder:


  1. Create a place for the zlib library with “zlib” and “lib”subfolders.
    mkdir "C:\workspace\lib\zlib\zlib-1.2.7\zlib"
    mkdir "C:\workspace\lib\zlib\zlib-1.2.7\lib"
  2. Copy the header files.
    xcopy "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Downloads\lib\zlib-1.2.7\*.h" "C:\workspace\lib\zlib\zlib-1.2.7\zlib"
  3. Copy the library file.
    xcopy "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Downloads\lib\zlib-1.2.7\contrib\vstudio\vc10\x86\ZlibStatRelease\zlibstat.lib" "C:\workspace\lib\zlib\zlib-1.2.7\lib\zlibstat.lib"
  4. Add the include and lib paths to the default project property page in MSVC 2012:
    View → Other Windows → Property Manager → Release/Debug → Microsoft.Cpp.Win32.user
    Be sure to save the property sheet so that the changes take effect.


  1. Create a new project, “LibTest” in MSVC 2012.
  2. Explicitly add the zlib library to the project: Project → Properties →Linker → Input → Additional Dependencies = “zlibstat.lib;”
  3. Create a source file in the project and copy the “zpipe.c” example code.

Build the project. It should compile and link successfully.

Potential Issues

These are some of the problems that you might run into while trying to build zlib.

LNK2026: module unsafe for SAFESEH image

Need to include support for safe exception handling. Modify “libs\zlib-1.2.7\contrib\masmx86\bld_ml32.bat,” adding “/safeseh” to the following two lines.

ml /coff /Zi /c /Flmatch686.lst match686.asm
ml /coff /Zi /c /Flinffas32.lst inffas32.asm


ml /safeseh /coff /Zi /c /Flmatch686.lst match686.asm
ml /safeseh /coff /Zi /c /Flinffas32.lst inffas32.asm

LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _inflateInit_

The code is trying to link with the DLL version of the library instead of the static version. Remove “ZLIB_WINAPI;” from the “zlibstat” project’s property page: “Configuration Properties → C/C++ → Preprocessor → Preprocessor Definitions

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