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Open source software, Applications and Tools

Posted by Hemprasad Y. Badgujar on January 21, 2014

Open source software is booming: here we round up over 480 open source applications for you to use or build upon.




    Adaptive Planning Express – An open source solution enabling medium sized companies to automate budgeting and forecasting by moving beyond traditional applications like Excel.

    Buddi – A simple budgeting program for users with no financial background.

    CheckItOut – A Ruby on Rails application to manage personal money accounts.

    FrontAccounting – A professional web-based accounting system for ERP chain; written in PHP with use of MySQL.

    GFP – A free java based personal finance manager with the ability to run on any operating system.

    GnuCash – Open source financial accounting software to manage personal and small business expenses and incomes.

    Gnumeric – A free spreadsheet program for the GNOME desktop providing several customization features and import/export facility from other spreadsheet programs.

    Grisbi – Grisbi is an open source personal finance manager developed to run on any platform and suit the needs of all users.

    jGnash – jGnash is an open source personal finance manager that will help you monitor and keep track of your accounts, including investments.

    KmyMoney – Easy to use, accurate open source personal finance manager built to suit the needs of non-technical users. It provides all the features available in a commercial application.

    Librepos – A multi-user POS application designed for touch screens, customer displays and barcode scanners.

    NOLA – An integrated, all-in-one package for an organization’s inventory, POS, accounting, contact management, billing etc.

    TurboCASH – Flexible small business accounting software fulfilling the major needs of any business.

    Content Management Systems


      80 + Open Source Content Management Systems – A complete roundup of Open Source CMSs from Mashable.

      CRM (Customer Relationship Management)


        Anteil – Cost effective open source solution for managing and improving customer relationships.

        CitrusDB – CitrusDB is a PHP & MySQL based open source customer database solution.

        CiviCRM – The world’s first downloadable constituent relationship management system; fund raising software that allows users to manage information about donors, volunteers etc.

        Compiere – Offers integrated ERP and CRM suite that enables users to automate the financial, distribution and other needs of their businesses.

        Daffodil CRM – Organized and effective way of managing cost-effective customer relationships.

        Hipergate – Serving developers, consultants and enterprises to assist them in project management, sales force automation and customer relationship management.

        IGSuite – A web-based integrated CRM suite that includes solutions like mailing lists, calendar, contact management and task lists.

        Keen CRM/ERP – An advanced, feature packed, comprehensive customer relationship management solution for small companies.

        Ohioedge CRM – Ohioedge CRM is an enterprise level open source CRM solution.

        OpenCRM – OpenCRM is an open source CRM solution for tracking clients and project management.

        OpenCRX – A cross platform professional CRM solution with bug tracking and activity management features.

        SellWinCRM – An open source CRM project giving a high level of customization for customers.

        SourceTap CRM – SourceTap CRM is a flexible sales force automation solution developed to meet the requirements of sales managers and representatives.

        SugarCRM – An open source CRM solution allowing users to track opportunities and manage existing customers while keeping a check on other activities.

        Turquoise CRM – Lightweight CRM software built over LAMP with Business Intelligence functionality.

        Tustena CRM – Tustena is an enterprise level open source CRM solution written in C#.

        vtiger CRM – Built over LAMP/WAMP, Vtiger provides excellent business enhancement utilities and is compatible with multiple platforms.

        XRMS CRM – XRMS is an advanced level open source CRM solution that includes a Business Intelligence suite and advanced plugin architecture.

        Desktop Environments/ Shell replacements


          bbLean – A new version of Blackbox for Windows.

          BlackBox For Windows – An alternative shell for Windows that is based stylistically on the Blackbox window manager for the X Window system.

          Blueberry 3D-Desktop – Made using Delphi; its main objective is a 3D OPENGL engine in replacement of the Windows desktop.

          CyGNOME – A nice tool which ports GNOME desktop to Windows.

          DM2 – Provides useful enhancements for Windows in daily work like minimizing windows to floating icons, freeing the taskbar etc.

          Geoshell – A shell replacement for Windows that replaces the standard desktop interface items like start menu, taskbar, system tray etc.

          KDE-Cygwin – KDE’s port in Windows desktop environment.

          LiteStep – A powerful Windows shell replacement under GPL and inspired by AfterStep.

          SharpEnvironment – A tool that enables users to personalize every pixel of visible space and customize a single theme in multiple ways with real-time wallpaper effects, icon sets etc.

          Virtual Dimension – A fast and fully featured virtual desktop manager that acts as an enhancement to the Windows manager.

          xoblite / Blackbox for Windows – An advanced level Blackbox for Windows that is integrated with a system bar.

          Email Clients


            Columba – A java based email client featuring a user friendly graphical interface.

            Daffodil Organizer – Highly flexible way to organize emails; includes import facility from Microsoft Outlook.

            Evolution – More popularly billed as the Outlook of Linux, its calendar, address book and other features make it a good option as an email client.

            ICEMail – Open source java client with support for the latest email standards.

            Mahogany – Cross platform email client supporting UNIX and Win32 platforms.

            Mutt – A small and powerful text based email client for UNIX operating systems.

            Penelope – The open source version of Eudora currently under beta and planned for full release by this year.

            Phoenix Mail – One of the older open source email clients developed using Borland Delphi.

            Sylpheed-Claws – An open source email client with an interface similar to Outlook Express; works as an RSS feed reader too.

            Thunderbird – A secure email client with several customization options to fit the user’s needs.

            Zimbra – Zimbra is currently one of the biggest names in open source, and is the future collaborating and messaging software. Now owned by Yahoo.

            Encoding, Conversion & Ripping Tools


              Alba Extractor – Alba Extractor is a useful utility for wrapping various mp3 files into one unit for ease of sharing on programs like NapShare etc.

              Audacity – Audacity is an open source, cross platform audio editor and is a good solution for creating and editing podcasts.

              Avidemux – A free video editor for tasks like cutting and filtering; has support for file types like AVI, DVD etc.

              AviSynth – A powerful tool for editing and processing videos.

              BonkEnc – A useful application for ripping CDs, encoding and converting audio files to various formats. Users can produce mp3, mp4, FLAC files to name a few.

              CD-DA X-Tractor – An open-source CD ripper for 32-bit windows platforms that offers extremely high quality.

              CDex – A popular open source digital audio CD extractor.

              DivFix – DivFix is a utility for watching partially downloaded DivX movies.

              DivXRepair – Based on the VirtualDub model, it cuts off the bad parts and re-assembles the AVI file.

              Dr. DivX – The goal of Dr. DivX open source project is to create a portable application with the capability of transcoding many video formats.

              DScaler – The DScaler project is an effort to receive top quality videos from Windows computers.

              DVD2AVIdg/MPEG2DECdg Decoding Fix – An MPEG decoder suite used for decoding MPEG1 or MPEG2 streams from sources such as DVD VOBs.

              DVDx – Popular DVD backup software that converts DVDx movies to high quality DVD movies.

              FFmpeg – A complete recording, conversion and streaming solution for audio and video.

              GiantDisc – GiantDisc is an open source software package designed to manage thousands of audio tracks.

              GNUMP3d – Open source server for streaming mp3s and media.

              Gordian Knot – Gordian Knot is an integrated Bit rate calculator package tool for Divx/XviD encoding.

              GramoFile – A CD recording utility running on Linux and some other operating systems like UNIX. It enables users to put sounds from gramophone records on CD.

              HGRip – A one click solution for converting DVD to XVID files.

              JMAC – JMAC is an open source Java implementation library of Monkey’s Audio compression decoder.

              LAME – LAME is an MP3 encoder.

              Mixere – Mixere is a free, open-source application for mixing audio files. It runs on Windows NT/2000/XP, and supports WAV, AIFF, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC and Mod audio files.

              MMConvert – A multimedia format converter useful for converting media files from one format like AVI/WMV to another format.

              mpgtx – A command line MPEG audio/video toolbox useful for joining audio and video files which include MP3, MPEG1, MPEG2 etc.

              Mp3splt – A terrific utility to split MP3 and Ogg files from anywhere without decoding.

              Mp3Wrap – A useful alternative to wrap two or more mp3 files into a single large mp3 without the loss of file names and other information.

              Musepack – A high quality audio compression format.

              MusicBrainz Tagger – Provides a database to create a comprehensive music information site. It can be accessed via the client or the internet.

              NanDub + BRC – NanDub+BRC includes a bitrate calculator and offers users several advantages as their need for opening separate pieces of software is eliminated.

              Open Sound World – A scalable programming environment allowing musicians, researchers and sound engineers to process sound.

              OptimFROG – OptimFROG is a zipping utility for audio compression programs; used to reduce the size of audio files.

              ShrinkTo5 – A cross platform open source DVD copy engine; allows users to create copies.

              SmartRipper – A useful utility for extracting DVD VOB files; loaded with nice features for splitting VOB files, angle processing etc.

              Taksi – Taksi allows users to take screenshots and record videos of favorite games and 3D-graphics applications.

              Virtual VCR – A compact video capture application designed to work with TV tuner and video capture cards.

              WavPack – WavPack is a high quality audio compression format and provides lossless compression.

              YAAI – One of the best tools to display information about AVI files; enables users to see data like framerate, used codes, author information etc.



                ADempiere Bazaar – Adempiere is a community for open source developers contributing improvements of various applications like Compiere, Helpdesk and Supply Chain etc.

                JERPA – JERPA is a Java based advanced level architecture model for ERP software.

                JFire – An exchange platform including ERP, CRM and accounting written in Java.

                Openbravo ERP – A web based ERP for small and medium enterprises; built on proven MVC architecture facilitating code maintenance and customization.

                opentaps – An open source ERP and CRM suite including eCommerce, inventory, warehouse, ledger etc.

                Postbooks – A fully integrated ERP solution for small and medium businesses; features a graphical client which runs on Linux, Mac and Windows.

                Plazma – Plazma is a Java based ERP and CRM solution.

                Sequoia Open Source ERP – The flexible ERP software from Sequoia brings advanced features and scalability for enterprise software along with low TCO.

                Tiny ERP – Packed with features like GTK2 client, distributed server, dynamic GUI.

                Value – Value is an open source ERP/CRM system and features modular capabilities along with seamless integration.

                webERP – webERP is flexible integrated business management software that covers accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory management and other accounting requirements.

                Wyatt – Wyatt is a cross platform ERP package written in Java with J2EE compliance.

                Filesharing & FTP


                  ABC – An enhanced client for the BitTorrent file sharing protocol.

                  Ares – A file sharing utility enabling users to share digital files like images, audio, video, software and documents.

                  Azureus – Java enabled BitTorrent protocol packed with special features for beginners and advanced users.

                  BT++ – An advanced version of the BitTorrent peer-to-peer file sharing protocol with cross-platform support; written in Python.

                  Cabos – Cabos has an intuitive user interface and is a Gnutella file sharing program based on Limewire.

                  CoreFTP – A FTP program that enables uploading/downloading/deletion of files and directories, integration with browser, file permission handling etc.

                  cURL – A command line utility allowing file transfer via FTP, LDAP etc. Users can also use the GET and PUT methods for file downloading and uploading.

                  Cyberduck – An open source FTP client with support for drag and drop, uploading and downloading, remote file transfer etc.

                  DC++ – Windows based open source client for unrestricted file sharing over the internet.

         – A reliable and trusted peer-to-peer file sharing application allowing users to connect from different clients.

                  FileZilla – FileZilla is a free, fast and reliable open source FTP solution for Windows.

                  Freenet Project – A free and secure decentralized network of information publishers and consumers.

                  FrostWire – A completely open source peer to peer client; features community chat room and iTunes integration.

                  Fugu – An open source graphical front end for secure file transfer; provides support for Mac operating system.

                  G3 Torrent – A BitTorent client written in Python.

                  Gnucleus – One of the oldest Windows based open source peer to peer file sharing clients related to Gnutella.

                  HeavyMole – An advanced level peer to peer file sharing application with features like distributed chat, filtering of answers and advanced query language.

                  iFTP – i.FTP is a Windows FTP client that comes with source code. There is also an earlier version for BeOS that works with portable media like USB keys.

                  JFtp – JFtp is a graphical Java network and file transfer client.

                  KazaaSearch – Search for music, software, images & video with this powerful peer to peer file sharing client.

                  KCeasy – The windows version of giFT filesharing system that also offers support for other filesharing networks.

                  Krimpy – An IRC based (internet relay chat) open source file sharing client enabling users to share music, pictures, videos and other files.

                  Lime Wire – A multi-platform Gnutella file sharing client enabling users to share their files, download MP3s and other audio files.

                  MLdonkey – 100% open source cross-platform P2P client running on Linux, UNIX, Windows and Mac.

                  MUTE – A secure, peer to peer file sharing network with easy search and download functionality.

                  MyNapster – Comes with connection capability to Gnutella for file sharing, IRC for chatting and supports resumption & multithreading of downloads.

                  NetMess – Has the ability to detect clones and work through HTTP proxy and firewalls.

                  Prozilla– An open source Linux download accelerator that provides download support via HTTP and FTP protocols.

                  Shareaza – A flexible file sharing system consolidating features from four different networks: EDonkey2000, Gnutella, BitTorrent, Gnutella2.

                  TAC2 – Expanded as Tango & Catch 2 (TAC2), works as a search engine independent client for searching on Linux and Windows.

                  TorrentSpy – Gives BitTorrent power-users all the information in one place along with real time ability to monitor the number of live users.

                  Waste – Secure collaboration tool allowing idea & data sharing between users through a chat interface.

                  WinSCP – Another open source SFTP & FTP client for Windows; provides safe file copying between local and remote computers.

                  XNap – Written in Java, XNap provides a plug-in enabled framework and client for P2P applications.

                  Graphics-Design & Modeling Tools


                    Ajax Image Editor – Open source image editor using PHP.

                    ArgoUML – ArgoUML is a popular open source UML modeling tool compatible with any Java platform.

                    Avidemux – A simple video editor with support for DVD/DivX conversion and editing.

                    Blender – 3D animation and modeling suite with various tools for modeling.

                    Bluefish – A powerful editor for programmers and web designers enabling them to write websites, scripts and programming code.

                    BRL-CAD – An open source CAD system centered on constructive solid geometry (CSG) modelling.

                    Cinelerra – A professional open source video editing tool with features for capturing, editing and compositing.

                    CinePaint – Professional graphical editing application targeted towards the movie industry.

                    Cornice – Cross platform image viewer initially developed for Linux; similar in functionality to ACDSee.

                    Dia – Open source drawing tool for UML diagrams, similar in functionality to ‘Visio’.

                    Flowchart Studio – Allows the user to draw a flowchart through graphical editor.

                    F-Spot – A feature rich personal photo management application for GNOME desktops.

                    Gaphor – Simple modeling environment that enables users to create intuitive UML diagrams for documentation purposes.

                    Gimp – The oldest, and most famous, open source graphic application with over 100 plug-ins and powerful paint tools.

                    Gimpshop – Gimpshop changes menus and dialogs in a manner similar to its competitor, Photoshop.

                    GQview – A lightweight image viewer with easy navigation, zoom and thumbnail preview features.

                    i.Mage – i.Mage is a handy graphics editor featuring easy pixel & image editing.

                    ImageMagick – Allows for the creation, editing and composition of bitmap images.

                    imgSeek – imgSeek is a photo management and viewing application with search support.

                    Imgv – An open source, feature rich image viewer providing support for a variety of image formats.

                    Inkscape – An open source vector graphics editor similar in functionality to Illustrator. It provides support for all drawing features like any commercial product.

                    Inquisitor – A fast visual web picture ripper, downloader and offline browser.

                    Jahshaka – Powerful open source movie editor with real time media playback and visual effects.

                    Karbon – Part of the open source KOffice suite, makes a great choice as a vector drawing application.

                    Kino – An open source non-linear video editor that comes with easy importing of DV video and provides video and audio transition effects.

                    khtml2png – A command line utility for creating PNG and JPEG images out of web pages.

                    Krita – An open source image editing and painting program with advanced features.

                    KToon – 2D animation toolkit with focus towards animation industry.

                    NVU – A complete cross platform web authoring system which makes it very simple to create web pages and manage a website without any technical expertise.

                    OpenLaszlo – An excellent development environment for web applications as it can generate Macromedia and AJAX files for webpage use.

                    Paint.NET – .NET based open source bitmap application with an intuitive user interface for drawing and editing.

                    Page Scavenger – A simple Windows application useful for downloading images from free hosting services via webpage links.

                    Pixie – Open source RenderMan renderer.

                    Potrace – An open source project useful for converting bitmap images to raster or vector drawings.

                    QCad Community Edition – A simple, easy to use open source 2D CAD application.

                    Quanta Plus – A feature rich web development environment.

                    Seashore – A basic open source image editor with simple functionality and features.

                    Scribus – Open source cross-platform desktop publishing application.

                    Skencil – A flexible open source, interactive vector drawing application for illustrations, diagrams and other purposes.

                    Synfig – An open source 2d vector animation program for artists to assist them with making cartoons.

                    UFRaw – Unidentified Flying Raw is an open source photo converter that can be used as a standalone application or as a plug-in.

                    VirtualDub – An open source video capture and processing utility with basic features.

                    Violet – Violet is an easy to learn and use open source UML editor.

                    Xara Xtreme – Powerful, general purpose graphics application for Linux and other UNIX platforms.

                    Media Players


                      AlsaPlayer – AlsaPlayer is a new type of PCM player for Linux/Unix featuring fully pluggable framework for various media types.

                      Amarok – Audio player for Linux.

                      Cog – Quite often referred to as a potential iTunes alternative; an interesting open source audio player with support for various formats.

                      Coolplayer – A fast audio player for the Win32 environment.

                      Delphamp – Delphi based open source media player. Like a Winamp clone, also features support for Winamp skins.

                      DigitalDJ – DigitalDJ is a front-end MP3 player based on SQL. It can create playlists and manage CD databases in MP3 format.

                      Foobar2000 – Advanced level Windows based audio player with support for Unicode and popular audio formats.

                      Gamp – Gamp is a Gnome audio player written in C and includes support for MP3, Ogg, vorbis etc.

                      Grip – Grip is a CD-player and ripper for the Gnome desktop, and features an automated front end for MP3 encoders.

                      Guliverkli – Its interface is similar to Windows media player, however it also offers advanced features like switching of audio streams in mp4 files.

                      HelixPlayer – An open source media player for various operating systems like Linux, Solaris and Symbian.

                      Juice – Juice is a premier podcast receiver and allows users to capture and receive podcasts anytime.

                      Media Player Classic – An advanced version of Windows Media Player 6.4; offers features like real time zoom, support for AVI subtitles and support for QuickTime and Real video.

                      Mixxx – An open source DJ mixing tool, very useful for professional and amateur DJs.

                      Miro – The only video player which provides you with the option to download YouTube videos, play video files and play live Internet TV.

                      MPlayer – Written in Python; one of the best media players under the GNU-GPL license.

                      MP3Gain – MP3Gain assists users by normalizing the volume of mp3 files; it also does statistical analysis to determine the loudness of a file to the human ear.

                      musikCube – MP3 player based on embedded SQL database engine and packed with innovative features.

                      NotifyCD – NotifyCD is a small system tray based CDDB supporting CD player for Windows 9x/NT/2000.

                      OggPlay – OggPlay is an open source audio player for smart phones.

                      Plainamp – Plainamp is an open source media player for Microsoft Windows.

                      SnackAmp – A music player running on multiple platforms; features a web server and powerful playlist.

                      Songbird – Songbird is a multi-utility open source application; acts as a desktop web player, a jukebox, and a web browser.

                      SysTrayPlay – Also known as STP, ths is a small MP3 player program with a grey button in the taskbar that occupies very little memory.

                      VLC media player – Highly portable cross platform multimedia player & streaming server with support for variety of audio and video formats.

             – Open source professional audio encoding and streaming technology.

                      XboxMediaPlayer – XboxMediaPlayer is an open source multimedia player from Microsoft useful for viewing various video/audio/picture files like VOB, AVI, MP3 etc.

                      xine – Xine is an open source multimedia player for playing CDs, DVDs and streaming multimedia over the internet.

                      Zinf – Powerful and effective audio player for Linux and Windows. Supports various file formats such as MP3, Ogg and WAV and also features a download manager and a music browser.

                      Messengers & Communication Clients


                        Adium – Mac OS X open source instant messaging client that aggregates the popular IM networks.

                        aMSN – MSN Messenger’s open source clone for Linux users.

                        Ayttm – Ayttm is an instant messaging client with all-in-one chat functionality for major instant messaging services.

                        Coccinella – A Jabber client with integrated whiteboard features; includes features like file transfer, multi-user chat etc.

                        Kopete – Part of KDE desktop; a wonderful instant messaging application with voice and video capabilities.

                        Gaim – A very flexible instant messaging application compatible with Linux and Windows offering support for AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo and others.

                        Ineen – Ineen is a feature loaded open source audio and video conferencing desktop tool.

                        IRSIM – Uses PHP and mySQL and provides interaction with multiple messaging clients.

                        Java Jabber Server – A nice open source Java implementation of Jabber instant messenger.

                        Kopete – Kopete is a flexible instant messenger and multi protocol system with support for AIM, Yahoo, IRC and MSN.

                        Licq – A C++ based multi-threaded ICQ clone; uses an extensive plug-in system.

                        MIMP – Mobile version of IMP; functionality includes mailbox viewing, message viewing, deletion or composition of new messages.

                        Miranda IM – Fast and handy multi-protocol messenger for Windows.

                        Openfire & Spark – Real time cross-platform IM client and server based on Jabber protocol.

                        Pidgin – Covers multiple protocols including AIM, ICQ, MSN, IRC, Jabber etc.

               – Java based open source instant messenger offering plug-in support for various IM networks.

                        Psi-im – An open source instant messaging client developed for Jabber. Has communication capabilities with AIM, MSN and ICQ etc.

                        SIM-IM (SIM Instant Messenger) – Free software package providing plug-in based messaging with support for various protocols.

                        Spark – Open source instant messenger with integrated support for group chat, telephony and security.

                        TjK – A portal based open source version of AOL Instant Messenger, originally developed for UNIX users.

                        Tkabber – Open source client for Jabber instant messaging and works on many platforms e.g. Linux, Windows and Mac etc.

                        WengoPhone – WengoPhone is a popular VOIP soft-phone client for making free PC-to-PC calls over the internet.

                        XChat – An IRC chat client for both Windows and Linux.

                        Yafumato Web Messenger – A web-based open source client allowing users to connect to AIM, Gtalk, MSN and Yahoo.

                        PDF drivers & Tools


                          CC PDF Converter – Enables users to convert Word, Excel, IE and any other file formats to PDF.

                          Evince – Evince is a document viewer with support for multiple document formats including PDF.

                          Jarnal – Jarnal is an open-source application enabling annotation of a document.

                          okular – A universal document viewer based on KPDF for KDE.

                          PDFCreator – Create PDF files from just about any Windows utility.

                          PDF Download – A Firefox extension for improving your surfing experience. A click on a PDF file link enables you to view it inside or outside Firefox.

                          Pdftk – Pdftk is a command line utility allowing users to merge PDF documents, split PDF documents and do many other things.

                          qvPDF – Windows based PDF creator implemented as a printer driver.

                          Sumatra PDF – A simple and fast application to view PDF files.

                          Xpdf – An open source PDF viewer for the UNIX operating system. Also works under Windows as a command line tool.

                          Personal Information & Task Managers



                            Aethera – Aethera is a PIM application with communication features like send/receive email, send/receive tasks and appointment requests etc.

                            Chandler – Turns your inbox into a task list.

                            KAddressBook – An address book application for the K Desktop environment.

                            Kontact – Supports news, email, calendars, to-do list; a personal information manager for KDE.

                            KOrganizer – A personal organizer of the KDE desktop environment; has the ability to manage calendars and to do list.

                            Nag – Nag is a task list manager for multiple users and allows them to create many task lists which can be shared between users and groups.

                            OneOrZero – Easy to customize cross platform, enterprise level task management and help desk solution.

                            OpenSync – Open source synchronization framework for managing PIM data such as contacts, calendar, tasks and notes.

                            PTM – An open source time tracking tool.

                            Task Blocks – A simple task scheduling application to ensure that user tasks do not overlap.

                            Task Coach – Task Coach is an open source personal task manager providing features to deal with complex tasks.

                            TaskFreak – Simple web-based task manager written in PHP.

                            Total Text Container – An open source information manager; stores notes, passwords, images, calendar events etc.

                            Project Management


                              Achievo – Easy to use and customize open source web-based project management application for business environments.

                              AgileTrack – Java based application for monitoring and tracking activities in a software development environment.

                              ASTS – A set of web based management tools for recording project activities and tasks.

                              Austin – A command line utility for manipulating project timelines in XML.

                              dotproject – Open source Project Management application developed and supported by a group of volunteers.

                              Double Choco Latte – A basic project management application used to track the history of work orders, projects, accounts etc.

                              eHour – User friendly web-based tool for keeping track of time based activities; ideal for consulting companies.

                              FreeMind – A mind mapping application useful for brainstorming sessions.

                              FUTURe – A time management application for individuals and groups.

                              Ganttproject – Written in Java, and using XML file format; enables project planning through a Gantt chart.

                              JIRA – JIRA is a project management & task achievement application for making team processes easy.

                     – Cross platform project management tool with sharing options.

                              IPM – A simple project management application built in PHP4 and requiring Apache 1.3x and MySQL.

                              Memoranda – For users handling multiple projects on a daily basis Memoranda is an ideal tool.

                              NetOffice – An online project management application for managing tasks, projects, team tracking and collaboration between teams.

                              Open Workbench – Excellent Windows-based application providing project scheduling functionality for enterprise users.

                              Planner – Project management tool for the Gnome desktop that is useful for project scheduling, planning and tracking.

                              phpCollab – An open-source internet-collaboration tool for project teams allowing them to share information amongst each other.

                              project-open – A web-based project management system for small consulting and service companies. Covers sales, project planning, collaboration and CRM.

                              Projectory – Projectory is an open source web based project management tool for tracking software projects through development phases.

                              Projman – A project management tool for reading project descriptions and their scheduled tasks.

                              Rapla – Highly configurable event and resource management application primarily targeted towards universities.

                              Taskjuggler – A powerful tool with redefined approach towards project planning activities, taking it far beyond the commonly available tools for Gantt charts.

                              Trac – Wiki and issue management system for software development projects.

                              TrackIt – An open source web based project tracking tool to maximize flexibility and customization.

                              TUTOS – Organization management tool for satisfying the requirements of small groups, teams and departments.

                              User Story .NET – A tool for extreme programming projects in user story tracking.

                              WebCollab – An easy to use collaborative project management system enabling users to work together.

                              WebPBC – Web-based project management tool for small businesses to do budget allocation of projects.

                              XPlanner – Another web-based project management tool for eXtreme programming (XP) software development practices.

                              Reporting Tools


                                BIRT Project – An Eclipse-based reporting system.

                                DataVision – A reporting tool that works with any database and generates customized reports.

                                Jasper Reports – A leading open source reporting engine delivering rich screen content and printer into various file formats: PDF, HTML and XLS etc.

                                JERT – JavaEye Reporting Tool is a web-based database reporting tool with sharing features. It enables users to create flexible reports without any programming knowledge.

                                iReport – iReport is an easy to use visual report builder designed and written purely in Java.

                       – Pronounced as “open eye”, this is a web-based open source OLAP reporting tool enabling organizations of different sizes to manage and organize their data.

                                OpenSMART – Similar to Tivoli, a monitoring and data reporting tool for servers.

                                Pentaho – Open source business intelligence tool enabling organizations to operate more effectively by providing reporting, analysis, workflow capabilities.

                                Rapid – I – Offers all types of data mining services (from analysis to customization) helping customers to improve their profitability and efficiency.

                                SpagoBI – Focused business intelligence solution for the enterprise providing complete set of analytics (e.g. reporting, data mining, dashboards etc.)

                                xTuple – Open source SQL report writer compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac.



                                  Aggie – Aggie is a desktop based open-source news aggregator that downloads the latest news in a webpage.

                                  AmphetaDesk – A cross platform, open source news aggregator that downloads news items on the user’s desktop.

                                  BlogBridge – A powerful and flexible desktop based open source feed reader for Windows, Linux and Mac.

                                  BottomFeeder – RSS news aggregator client written in Smalltalk and compatible with Linux, Windows, Mac and Solaris.

                                  Gregarious – A web-based RSS/RDF/Atom feed reader designed for users to run on their own web server.

                                  JRssReader – A fast, Java based RSS & RDF reader; offers compatibility with multiple platforms.

                                  NewsFeed – Flexible RSS/RDF/Atom aggregator for different operating systems like Linux, MacOS and FreeBSD.

                                  NRss – an “open source Microsoft .NET Framework / Mono class library for reading a RSS feed into a tree of objects mapped to elements in the RSS feed.”

                                  RSSOwl – Java-based open source news reader.

                                  Syndirella – Syndirella is an open source desktop information aggregator providing a user friendly environment for reading information from multiple sources or feeds.

                                  ThinFeeder – Very powerful and tiny open source aggregator for RSS/Atom developed in Java language.

                                  System Utilities


                                    7-Zip – High-compression open source archive utility for Windows with support for 7z, ZIP, GZIP, TAR files etc.

                                    Amanda – Network backup solution.

                                    Bacula – Set of open source computer programs for managing network backup system for Linux/Unix, Mac and Windows clients.

                                    BiGZip – Free compression utility based in Java.

                                    Burn – An open-source CD and DVD burning application allowing users to create audio, data and video disks in different file formats.

                                    CamStudio – Open screen casting application allowing users to capture audio and video and store it later for playback.

                                    CDRDAO – Open-source tool with advanced features for recording audio or data CDs.

                                    coLinux – Cooperative Linux allows users to run Linux parallel to Windows on any machine.

                                    Cream – An open source text editor with interactive user interface, pull-down menus etc.

                                    G4U – Open source cross-platform hard disk image cloning application.

                                    GrenEye – A file slicing and compression utility.

                                    GNU zip – A compression utility.

                                    GParted – Fantastic open source partition manager with direct boot facility option from CD or USB.

                                    Handbrake – A multiplatform DVD to MPEG-4 converter/ripper with ability to process unencrypted and whole DVD files.

                                    InfraRecorder – A freeware CD/DVD burning application for Windows.

                                    Info-ZIP – Provides high quality, portable versions of zip files compatible with DOS.

                                    Inno Setup – Another open source installer for Windows applications with integrated Pascal scripting engine.

                                    InstallJammer – Useful for creating self-contained cross platform installation packages.

                                    jEdit – A cross platform open source text editor written in Java with consolidated features from major editors.

                                    Emacs – An extensible, customizable, self-documenting open source text editor.

                                    K3b – An open source application for creating/burning CDs and DVDs; packed with features like DVD encoding, copying and audio CD creation.

                                    Launch4j – An open source wrapper for jar files that supports Mac, Linux and Solaris.

                                    Nagios – An open source network monitoring service for hosts, networks and services which use plug-ins.

                                    NeDi – Open source network discovery, inventory & management framework utilizing scheduled discovery for network examination.

                                    Notepad++ – An open source alternative to Microsoft Notepad with features well suited to development and design.

                                    NSIS – A flexible open source tool for developing Windows installers.

                                    Open-source ARJ – A cross-platform open source implementation of the popular ARJ archiver.

                                    OpenNMS – A network management platform for monitoring services and their hosts.

                                    OpenVZ – A terrific alternative to any commercial visualization offering; offered only on Linux.

                                    Pandora FMS – Complete network and node monitoring solution composed of three parts: agents, server and console.

                                    Partition Image – Disk cloning Linux utility helping users to create an image of partitions. The image file can be compressed, split and it is compatible with Linux and Windows.

                                    SciTE – An open source text editor enabling developers to edit code.

                                    UPX – A high-performance packaging utility with a high compression ratio for different executable formats.

                                    VirtualBox – A high performance, feature rich, open source visualisation product for enterprise as well as home use.

                                    Wireshark – Top quality network protocol analyser enabling users to capture LAN packets.

                                    Xen – A high performance open source enterprise visualisation solution.

                                    Xming – X-Windows server for Windows; has all the features of a commercial product.

                                    Xvidcap – Linux based screencast application allowing users to capture portions or the entire screen of a Linux desktop.

                                    Zenoss – A top class network and system monitoring solution with all the features of a commercial monitoring system.

                                    Zzip – A compression tool with the ability to compress files with a high compression ratio.



                                      AbiWord – Has an interface that is very similar to Microsoft Word for easy migration; also allows importing and exporting from Microsoft Word.

                                      Agnubis – The PowerPoint of GNOME; comes with easy integration options with other packages in GNOME office suite.

                                      Andrew User Interface System (Andrew) – A popular graphical user interface system integrated with word processor, an html editor and browser.

                                      AxPoint – Presentation tools from the developers of Apache AxKit.

                                      Bruce – Presentation tool for Python programmers allowing them to code and create interactive PowerPoint sessions.

                                      Imposter – Imposter is a standalone viewer for viewing presentations created by Impress software.

                                      Impress – Fantastic tool for creating multimedia presentations with 2D and 3D effects.

                                      Kivio – A part of KOffice suite; helps users in flowcharting, network diagrams and other graphics needs.

                                      KPresenter – The presentation package bundled with KDE project; powerful and fully featured.

                                      KWord – A word processor with a frame-based layout capability; part of the open source office suite KOffice.

                                      MagicPoint – A presentation tool based on X11; very useful for making simple presentations which can be easily edited by any text editor.

                                      NeoOffice – A special version of OpenOffice for the Mac.

                                      S5 – A simple slideshow system having easily accessible markup. It can easily adapt to user themes and enables you to create your own slideshow themes.

                                      WebHuddle – An open-source web conferencing and presentation tool with support for VOIP, chat and PowerPoint.

                                      Web Browsers


                                        Browser3D – An interactive web browser enabling users to interact with a real 3D environment and add their own 3D environment.

                                        Camino – The functionality and features of this powerful browser match the capabilities of Safari.

                                        CxBrowser – A useful open source web browser implemented under Mozilla Activex control component and written entirely in C#.

                                        Epiphany – Developed for the GNOME computer desktop; competes with KDE for Linux.

                                        Galeon – The first web browser for GNOME computer desktop; now comes as an extension to Epiphany.

                                        K-Meleon – Perfect web-browser for operating systems which are incompatible with Mozilla or Firefox suite of browsers.

                                        Konqueror – Part of the K Desktop Environment (KDE); a great browser for Linux with similar features to Firefox.

                                        Lynx – Cross platform browser compatible with UNIX, Windows and Mac.

                                        Mozilla Firefox – Fast, powerful and secure web browser compatible with Linux and Windows.

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